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Crime and Justice (F75)


排名: 200 (TCUG)

地點: -


修讀方式 distance learning

學位: Masters

開課日期: 2020/01/02

課程長度: -




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This masters degree explores new perspectives and ways of thinking about crime, harm and justice. It is concerned with examining problematic areas of social life, transgression, ‘crime’, social harm and justice. You will consider the significance of power, social structure, and economic and social inequalities in understanding ‘crime’, and processes of criminalisation in local, transnational and global contexts. Studying this qualification will enhance your ability to think differently about problems of crime, social harm and the delivery of justice.

Key features of the course

  • Develops your expertise and authoritative command of topics and problems related to the investigation, exploration and contested terrain of crime, and social harm

  • Extends skills and insights concerned with the criminal justice system, victim protection and support, civil liberties, human rights, security, safety and social justice

  • Ideal preparation for work where analytical, nuanced and careful decision making is required, and where independence and initiative are valued.

Please note that this masters degree is not suitable for those who wish to go on to PhD level study.



You must hold a UK honours degree (2:2 at least) or equivalent to be accepted for the MA in Crime and Justice. Your first degree need not be in criminology, but you must have the skills expected of a social sciences graduate.


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