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Forensic Psychological Studies (F73)


排名: 200 (TCUG)

地點: -


修讀方式 distance learning

學位: Masters

開課日期: 2020/01/02

課程長度: -




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This masters degree enables you to gain an advanced understanding of the fascinating area of forensic psychology, while enhancing your analytical and communication skills, and your research literacy. Taking a case-based approach where you examine real life criminal cases you'll learn about a broad range of topics relevant to forensic psychology. You'll develop an understanding of the relationship this field of research has with law enforcement, legal practice, policy, public opinion and the media. You'll develop your critical analytical skills and your understanding of the principles driving different research methods. By completing this qualification you'll be able to source, select and review forensic psychological research independently, evaluate its relevance for complex real life issue/cases, assess its validity and clearly communicate your findings to a range of audiences.

Key features of the course

  • Provides professional development for careers where research literacy, analytic and communication skills are valued

  • Experienced tutors and bespoke teaching materials provide an exploration of engaging topic areas and research

  • Relevant for existing professionals or those with an interest in all areas of the UK criminal justice system and civil or social services.

Please note that this masters degree is not accredited by The British Psychological Society and be aware that when studying forensic psychology you will encounter sensitive topics and case details (e.g. relating to murder, rape, child sexual abuse) which may be upsetting.



You must hold a UK honours degree (2:2 at least) or equivalent to be accepted for the MSc in Forensic Psychological Studies. Your first degree need not be in forensic psychology or psychology, but you must have the skills expected of a social sciences graduate. A self-assessment tool will be available via OpenLearn. We strongly recommend you use the tool to make sure you are aware of the knowledge and skills expected to study this masters degree, and can undertake preparatory study (or brush up on your knowledge) where needed.


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