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Human Resource Management (K25)

Distance Learning

排名: 200 (TCUG)

地點: Distance Learning


修讀方式 distance learning

學位: Certificate

開課日期: 2020/01/05

課程長度: -




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If you’re at the start of your a HR career in HR, or aspire to enter the HR profession, or are in a line management position this qualification could be what you’re looking for. It combines an exploration of HR management strategies with opportunities to build skills essential for practitioners. You will develop your understanding of the role of the HR professional, the nature of professionalism and approaches to addressing ethical dilemmas. Throughout your studies, you will be encouraged to explore the challenges facing a rapidly changing profession in a global economy, and consider the relevance of theory to practice in a variety of geographical and sectoral contexts. You will also develop the skills and understanding needed to address business and change management issues and to work at a strategic level.

Key features of the course

  • Provides a thorough grounding in human resource management

  • A strong emphasis on practice-based learning

  • Develops the people management skills essential for HR work such as interviewing, coaching, managing conflict and managing performance.

This certificate is the first stage of a study programme that progresses to the CIPD-approved postgraduate diploma and finally the MSc in Human Resource Management.



You must hold a bachelors degree awarded by a recognised UK university, or equivalent. Please contact us if you hold a qualification that you believe is an equivalent level to a UK degree, to ensure that it meets the requirements for admission.


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