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排名: 37 (TCUG)

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修讀方式 full-time

學位: Masters

開課日期: 2019/09/01

課程長度: -

國際學生學費: £19930

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專訪倫敦大學亞非學院(SOAS)國際辦公室專員Ms Devina Sivagurunathan, 談為什麼SOAS是一所很棒的大學、大學所在地倫敦巿、所擁有獨特的課程及來自各國的學生社群





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This two-year full-time (ot four-year part-time) programme is designed to provide intensive language training at different proficiency levels - depending on entry level - within a Masters programme in Japanese Studies. It allows students:

  • to cultivate or further develop a basic expertise in particular aspects of Japanese Studies.
  • to choose modules that meet their own needs, with respect to their interest in Japan and future career plans.
  • to develop their abilities to synthesize information, to think critically, to manage a complex research project and to present their results in verbal and written form.
  • to achieve a high level of language proficiency.
  • to master transferable language and analytical skills in order to prepare for a variety of potential future professional or research careers.



Please check with provider.


IELTS: 6.5 (6.5 with 6.5 in W S and 6 in others)

請注意:此成績僅為 The School of Oriental and African Studies.



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