The University of Birmingham

Physician Associate Studies

Edgbaston Campus

排名: 13 (TCUG)

地點: Edgbaston Campus


修讀方式 full-time

學位: PG Diploma

開課日期: 2021/01/01

課程長度: 24 months

國際學生學費: £15540

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Physician Associate (formerly known as Physician Assistant) is a rapidly growing healthcare role in the UK, working alongside doctors in hospitals and in GP surgeries. Physician Associates support doctors in the diagnosis and management of patients. They are trained to perform a number of roles including: taking medical histories, performing examinations, analysing test results, and diagnosing illnesses under the direct supervision of a doctor. (NB: the UK PA training programme does not qualify you to work in the USA).



2:1 in a Life Sciences Degree  - we want our students to start the course with a good knowledge of biological processes, cell functions and cell interactions.  Some examples of degrees we regard as generally suitable are:  Anatomy Biology Biochemistry/Medical Biochemistry  Biomedical Science  Dentistry  Human Biology/Physiology/Pharmacology  Medical Science Pharmacy  Physiotherapy Podiatry Psychology (with a biological orientation) Radiography Zoology A 2:2 in a Life Sciences Degree may be considered with considerable clinical experience.  If you have a Health Sciences diploma (e.g. Nursing) with extensive clinical experience, we may also consider you.


IELTS: 7.0 (All over 6.5)

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