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+44(0)115 848 4200

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專訪專訪諾汀漢特倫特大學藝術及設計專員Mr Wallace Murdoch, Wallace 與我們分享為什麼諾汀漢特倫特大學為一流藝術與設計學習地點,以及如何準備申請所需的作品集




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The Nottingham Trent University campus


Nottingham Trent University is a public university in the city of Nottingham that is one of the largest universities in the UK today with around 28,000 students spread across three campuses. It began as the Nottingham Government School of Design, founded in 1843, that remains a department within the university today. It became a university in 1992 and took its current name.


Students travel from around the world to study at Nottingham Trent and there is plenty of help of assistance on hand for them. There are representatives for international students on hand to help with matters including immigration and visas, travelling to the city and adapting to life in Nottingham. There is also country specific information available through the website. Nottingham Trent Students Union organises the student activities and events outside the classroom as well as offering leisure and retail services and representing students across the three campuses. There are various student run media including a magazine, TV station and radio station while the union also operates the RAG fundraising department. The student union is based in the Byron building and runs a nightclub, sports centre, gymnasium, bars and cafes in the city campus while at Clifton, it is based in the Benenson and DH Lawrence Buildings. Finally, at Brackenhurst, it runs the Brack Bar as well as a cafe and organises weekly student nights. There are some 130 societies and clubs to become involved with. Sports are particularly prominent with former students completing in recent winter and summer Olympic Games as well as various other international level sports. It ranks in the 20% of institutions for its sports around the country and has regular annual events against local rival, the University of Nottingham.


There are three campuses associated with the university: City campus, Clifton and Brackenhurst. The city campus, as its name suggests, is just north of the city centre and is home to over 17,000 of the students. The Business, Law, Architecture, Art, Social Sciences Schools as well as the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism are all on the site. The main university library, called the Boots Library, is also on this campus. The Clifton Campus has around 9,000 students attending courses there and has the School of Arts and Humanities, of Science and Technology and of Education. It is four miles from the city centre and is also the site of the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre and the Lee Westwood Sports Centre. Brackenhurst is the smallest campus with around 1000 students there and is home to the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences. It is 14 miles from the city centre on a country estate and also has the new Veterinary Nursing building. There are various accommodation options available for students with all first year students guaranteed housing within the university. All the halls include free Wi-Fi, utility bills included and the highest standard of security. There are ten different accommodation options on the City Campus, three at the Clifton Campus and five at the Brackenhurst Campus as well as a number of private sector options. There are spread around the city and are within an easy commute to the campuses.

  • - 銀行及金融
  • - 財政學
  • 生物學與生命科學
  • - 生物醫學工程
  • 商學與管理研究
  • - 企業管理與人力資源管理
  • - 國際文化與跨文化管理
  • 化學
  • - 建築物與人造環境
  • 電腦與資訊科技
  • 經濟學
  • 電子工程學與電機工程學
  • 工程學
  • - 工程管理
  • 法律與法律研究
  • 行銷學與廣告研究
  • - 行銷學
  • - 行銷管理
  • 內外全科醫學
  • 配藥學與藥理學
  • 社會科學

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