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The University of Bradford campus


The University of Bradford is a public university located in the city of the same name in West Yorkshire, England. It received its royal charter to become a university in 1966 and was the 40th university to be created in Britain. However, it has much older roots, with the Mechanics Institute and Bradford Institute of Technology, its forerunners, dating back to the early 19th century. It is a member of the University Alliance, EQUIS and AMBA.


Students travel from around 130 different countries to study at Bradford and there are an average of 70 different languages spoken. The university has an International Office who are the first port of call for international students and are available to help with matters such as visas and immigration as well as English language support for those to whom English isn’t a main language. They can also assist with accommodation in and around the university, though if applied in time, international students are guaranteed a place. The website also contains country-specific information for those considering applying to the university. All students are automatically a member of the University of Bradford’s Students Union (UBU). The union also operates a shop, bars and advice services as well as a radio station, a cinema, a newspaper and a range of entertainment facilities. It is based in the new Student Central building on the main city campus. There are a wide range of activities and clubs on offer for students and there is a unique Fitness and lifestyle Centre on campus. This has a range of fitness equipment, a 25-metre pool and a climbing wall. The sports clubs on campus are the most popular and relate to a range of main sports. Other areas to get involved with include media and entertainment, volunteering around the larger community and student democracy issues that are at the heart of the student union.


The university has two main campuses – the Richmond Road campus and the School of Management at Emm Lane. In 2005, an $84 million redevelopment of the campus was announced whereby the world’s first ‘Ecoversity’ was created. This was the university aiming to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing the waste it generates and using sustainable materials. Part of this saw the university become a Fairtrade University in 2006. Other developments included re-cladding the main Richmond Building for extra-insulation and the opening of a new atrium using the same roofing material as the Eden Project. The new student village, called The Green, was opened along with a refurbished Student Union buildings and the new JB Priestly library. The Green opened in September 2011 and is designed for eco-friendly living. It has the highest ever BREEAM rating for a building (95.05%) ever awarded for sustainable building development and operation as well as being the first ‘Outstanding’ rated student accommodation in the UK. There is also a residence hall on the Emm Lane campus called Vernon Barnaby Hall, specifically for postgraduate students studying at the faculty there. The university also offers assistance in finding private accommodation outside the university around the city.

  • - 會計與管理學
  • - 財政學
  • 考古學
  • 生物學與生命科學
  • - 生物醫學工程
  • 商學與管理研究
  • - 企業管理與人力資源管理
  • - MBA
  • 化學
  • - 分析化學
  • 土木工程與建築
  • - 建築物與人造環境
  • 電腦與資訊科技
  • - 電腦鑑識與網絡安全
  • - 物聯網
  • 經濟學
  • - 經濟與金融學
  • 電子工程學與電機工程學
  • 工程學
  • - 機械工程
  • 健康科學
  • - 健康照護管理
  • 法律與法律研究
  • - 行銷學
  • - 行銷管理
  • 數學
  • - 電影與電視研究
  • 內外全科醫學
  • 護理學與助產術
  • 配藥學與藥理學
  • 政治學
  • - 政治學與國際關係學
  • 心理學
  • 社會科學

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