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Northumbria University 學生組成十分國際化,與許多國際企業有合作關係,學生一同學習玩樂,氣氛融洽。如果您對這間學校有興趣,歡迎來找我們的顧問聊聊!




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University of Northumbria at Newcastle campus


Northumbria University, also known as the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, is a university located in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. It began life as the Rutherford College of Technology founded in 1894 as well as the College of Art and Industrial Design and the Municipal College of Commerce. These formed Newcastle Polytechnic in 1969 and gained its university status in 1992 as one of the group of new universities created at the time.


Students from over 100 countries travel to study at Northumbria and there is plenty of support and assistance on hand to help them adapt to their new home. To start with there is country specific information for applicants on the website as well as information about immigration and visas. Once in Newcastle, there is plenty of help and assistance including English language courses and assistance with those trying to find employment between their studies. The union is responsible for the organisation of various volunteering and charity work opportunities in the larger community and further afield. In addition, there are more than 100 societies to get involved with based around interests, cultures, sports or arts to name a few. Societies are a great way to meet people with similar interests or learn about something completely new. Students even have the chance to start up their own club or societies if they find a gap and have a shared interest with others. The Student Union is the representation of students attending the university as well as organising various services and the clubs and societies for outside the classroom. Within the student union building are a number of social venues including three bars.


The university has two main campuses, the City Campus and Coach Lane. The City Campus is divided into East and West parts with the East being home to the Schools of Law and Design as well as the Newcastle Business School. The West is home to the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences, as well as various other departments, the university's library, sports facilities and the Students Union building. Coach Lane is around 2.6 miles from Newcastle on the road of the same name near the A188 Benton Road. It is part of the Dene ward of the city and near Tyneview Park, where the department of Work and Pensions is based. It is home to the School of Health, Community and Education Studies and has its own student union area, sports facilities and library services. A free bus runs between the two. The university also opened a London campus in 2014 that concentrates on postgraduate Master of Science degrees in Marketing, International and financial management. It is near the Liverpool Street underground station. Students' accommodation on offer from the university is varied in type and budget. There are some 5000 bedrooms close to the campuses around Newcastle so students can be close to their studies as well as enjoying the nightlife and shopping opportunities of the city centre. Most of the accommodation is self-catering but there are some catered options. Rent prices include heating, TV, telephone and internet access and insurance for possessions. In addition, the university can assist students in finding private accommodation around the area and many second, third and fourth year students opt for this. The Accommodation Office on Ellison Terrace is the place to find out more about the accommodation options available.

  • - 會計與管理學
  • 建築學
  • 商學與管理研究
  • - 商業分析與企業管理
  • - 企業管理與人力資源管理
  • - 創業精神與管理
  • - 國際文化與跨文化管理
  • 電腦與資訊科技
  • - 電腦鑑識與網絡安全
  • - 電腦科學
  • 電子工程學與電機工程學
  • - 電子工程學與電機工程學
  • - 機械工程
  • - 工程管理
  • - 能源與環境工程學
  • 健康科學
  • - 健康照護管理
  • 法律與法律研究
  • - 行銷學
  • - 行銷管理
  • 內外全科醫學
  • - 政治學與國際關係學
  • 社會科學
  • 運動科學
  • 師資培育

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